Quick Color Tap! Unity3D Game

Quick Color Tap

Quick Color Tap! Unity3D Game

Quick Color Tap! is a challenging game that needs quick responses! A simple but very challenging game! You see a screen with 16 colored squares (4 colors of red, blue, green and yellow) and by tapping once on the screen, the game will start. As soon as the game starts, the background color will blink very quickly with one of those 4 colors and you have to choose a square with the same color to remove it. If you choose a square with a different color, you will lose. This will continue until every square is removed and you will win when you have successfully removed all squares. You have to do your best to do this as fast as possible so that your final record time is lower!

This amazing game was developed using Unity 3D engine and if you are interested in this game, you can get it by going to Unity section of our website.



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