June 2016 Special Offer

June 2016 Special Offer

June 2016 Special Offer

Hi everyone! For June 2016, DigiSmile.Space have a special offer for you! A 30% discount code for purchasing our products. Just remember that this code is only available until end of June. So be quick and use it while you can using this code: ‘june-2016-digismilespace‘ (without quotation mark)

Using this discount code, you can purchase our Construct 2 bundle (including 68 game source codes), GameMaker Studio bundle (including 61 game source codes), Unity 3D bundle (including 23 game source codes), HTML5 bundle (including 123games), BuildBox bundle, 2D Graphics bundle and Music and Sound FX bundle. The best option that you have for using this discount code in our market is our Ultimate plan which grants you unrestricted access to all of our products (from all available and mentioned bundles) for a 6 months period.

We also have package of free games that you can easily download from our market by signing up in it and use them.

And finally, if you want to receive news about our new games, updates, assets, projects and bundles, subscribe to our blog using subscription section on right side menu. This way, you will be always informed of our regular and monthly updates and won’t miss a single new product!



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