Seven Senses – Match 3 HTML5 Game

Seven Senses - Match 3 HTML5 Game

Seven Senses – Match 3 HTML5 Game

Match 3 games are one of the most popular genres in mobile games and people with all ages love these games and will spend hours playing them. Their gameplay enables developers to easily modify them for different audiences like kids, girls, men and etc. Also it is easy to add new levels and contents to them and keep the players busy for many hours. Their interesting gameplay, popularity among players (especially women and girls) and the fact that they are easy to modify and expand are the reasons that nowadays, we see many match 3 games and most of them have also become very popular and successful in the market.

Seven Senses – Match 3

Seven senses is a match 3 game with all normal and regular rules that apply to these games. There are 7 different tiles in this game and each has unique color and shape on it. As you match tiles with the same color, you will fill that color’s progress bar. Every time that this progress bar is filled, it will become more powerful. Each color (tile) has its own unique power which becomes stronger by leveling up that color. Leveling up these tiles and making them stronger is necessary for progressing through the game and beating later levels that are more difficult. This game has 20 levels in total which become harder ad you progress through them.
This game is made with GameMaker Studio and even though it is difficult to edit its codes manually, but if you have the GameMaker’s license, you can easily all aspects of the game, including power ups, levels difficulty and number, other gameplay features and etc. by editing the game’s project file. Editing the game’s sounds, music, graphic and appearance is much easier and you don’t even need to have the game’s project file or GameMaker license in order to edit them. You just have to replace the default assets with new ones. In case of graphics, you just have to use an image editor software to replace the default images.
Considering these games’ popularity and how easy it is to edit and customize them, this game is an excellent choice for developers who want to publish a match 3 game on markets and earn some money suing them!


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