Memory Challenge An Amazing Card Memory Game!

Card Memory Game

An Amazing Card Memory Game!

In a week or so, we will add an amazing new game. A card memory game, but not a simple and normal one!
This game has two modes, Template and Custom. In Template mode, which also supports sound, there are 3 different gameplays and in each you can choose from 3 different difficulties with 12, 14 or 16 images. The default images, words and sounds are all related to animals. These 3 different gameplays are Word to Word, Picture to Picture and Picture to Word. In Word to Word, you have to match the cards with same word with each other. In Picture to Picture, players have to match cards with the same image with each other and finally, in Picture to Word mode, you have to match the image of each animal with its name. In all gameplay modes, whenever you choose a card, its name is pronounced in English and so kids will also learn these animals’ names.

Template Mode

Custom mode has also those three gameplays and difficulties. But it has one major difference. In this mode, you have to design the game yourself and add all the images or words that you want. In fact, this mode solves the issue of many similar memory games which is being difficult to edit. Using Custom mode, you can easily add your own words and images and customize the game to cover the subject that you have in mind and use it to teach specific subjects. In each of three gameplays in Custom mode, there is a short and simple guide that tells you how to use it. Note that this mode doesn’t support sound. But all its other features and rules are the same as Template mode.

Custom Mode

Features of this game and its different modes, make it very useful for both people who just want a simple and easy to use memory game or the ones that need a customizable game that they can easily edit and use for different purposes. So in short, if you want a fun and educational game for your website or want to teach kids about a subject, this game is your best choice!


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