Our Market is Now Up and Running!

Digi Smile Space Market

Our Market is Now Up and Running!

As you can see, we have started our own maket from today!
It is a market dedicated to all of our games, project files and game assets. It consists of HTML5, Unity, Construct 2, GameMaker Studio, Buildbox, music and FX and graphic assets. We plan to update it regularly and add a few products to each category every month and increase the total number to hundreds
It has a subscription method. By subscribing for a category, you will gain access to all products available in that category for 6 months and can use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. During your subscription period, you will also have access to all of updates that will be released for these games and even the new games that we add to each category on a monthly basis. So in addition to products available at the start of your subscription period, you can get new ones each month!
But we have also an amazing offer! Our ultimate plan is the best offer that you can find for games and project files on the internet! By purchasing our Ultimate plan, you get full access to all of our games and assets (in all categories) and can use them in your commercial or non-commercial projects. You will also save lots of money by paying approximately about 2$ for each product!
In short, by purchasing our bundles, you can get dozens or even hundreds of product with an unbelievable price and if you usually purchase game assets from different stores, our bundles can help you save lots of money! So what are you waiting for! Visit our market now and purchase your bundle!


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